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Muzafar Ali Bhutto


Pakistan is privileged enough to have 29 % youth population between the age group of (15-29) and if the same is equipped with modern age technical education and vocational training the country is bound to touch heights of progress. I am pity much sure that our beloved country will come out of its economic crises if due attention is laid towards technical education and vocational training. Recently TEVT reforms have been introduced under TVET Reforms Support Program to provide vertical & horizontal mobility of learners to earn qualifications through different pathways to contribute for sustainable development of the country. The role of foreign stakeholders, NAVTTC and STEVTA for uplift of TVET sector in Pakistan and in Sindh province is praise worthy particularly the part of GIZ in providing technical assistance is commendable. The participation of private sector cannot be denied and is considered to be instrumental for promotion and delivery of quality training all over the world. We expect enhanced employer’s participation in assessment process to make TVET system more responsive to job market and globally competitive. The Trade Testing Board Sindh (TTBS) as a Qualification Awarding Body plays vital role when it comes to conducting traditional examination under National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) and assessment and awarding qualifications under National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) for both formal and informal sectors and awarding qualifications through Sindh –II commonly known as S-II program. Alhamdolillah, TTBS is progressing day by day with continuous efforts and hard work of my dynamic team. We stand committed to provide valid, reliable, flexible and fair assessment services up to entire satisfaction of the client.

Muzafar Ali Bhutto
Chairman - TTB
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Shanana Jabeen

Dear Esteemed Viewers, I extend a warm welcome to our website on behalf of our organization. Our mission is to provide high-quality services to our viewers and stakeholders, and we take great pride in our commitment to delivering excellence. In today's rapidly changing world, skilled workers are in high demand, and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) plays a crucial role in preparing students for employment. At the Trade Testing Board (TTB), we prioritize the quality of our students over quantity, and we work closely with TEVTA Sindh and our partner institutes to produce the best possible workforce. As a qualification-awarding body, TTB has affiliated more than four hundred private institutes and certify approximately 163,322 candidates in various trades/duration programmes Traditional Courses, CBT&A, RPL, and S-II level over the past decade. Our efficient assessment system is designed to generate the best professionals in various trades and provide our trainees with employment opportunities. In today's highly competitive global environment, we are committed to continuously improving our assessment and evaluation system to produce a workforce that meets international standards. As assessment is a key driver of learning, we have developed a reliable, transparent, impartial, well-organized, and valid assessment system that supports our trainees' learning process. At TTB, our mission as a qualification-awarding body is to modernize the examination, assessment, and evaluation system and eliminate all negative factors that may impact an impartial and transparent examination system. Without this essential component, we would not be able to produce the kind of globally skilled workforce that is the backbone of the economy. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering reliable, standardized, and valid certification. We believe that collaboration with our stakeholders is vital, and we are always seeking innovative solutions to produce a workforce that meet the needs of the job market. I hope that our website provides you with a comprehensive understanding of our organization and the services we offer. If you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing from you.